Welcome to Venkat Pharma – Leading Third Party Ayurvedic & Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturer in India

Established in 2017, Venkat Pharma is a leading Ayurvedic& Nutraceutical contract manufacturing and research services company providing end to end solutions from R&D, Formulation and product development, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing to supply chain. Our facility is nestled in the foothills of Ramanagara in the outskirts of Bangalore, Karnataka offering 2 acres of land with 25000 sq ft of manufacturing space which is GMP certified and is built to World Health Organization standards. As contract manufacturers we are currently partnered with organisations such as Natural Remedies, Atrimed Pharmaceuticals, Bangalore Pharmaceuticals & Research Labs and Group Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Unmatched quality and reliability in contract manufacturing

Venkat Pharma is one of India’s fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India. Our team has over two decades of experience in the industry and is dedicated to providing the best products and services to our clients.

  • Semi Liquid/ointment Manufacturing and Packing

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specializes in manufacturing topical creams that cater to a variety of industries, including Skin care/ personal care and veterinary care.Plus, we offer a wide range of customization options from to ensure that your manufacturing process and product meets the specific needs of your customers. Filling and packing options range from jars to plastic and aluminum tubes.

  • Filling and Packing Liquid Manufacturing

    Our team also brings two decades of manufacturing expertise and caters to a wide range of syrup/liquid products ranging from ayurvedic and nutraceutical syrups,shampoos, santizers and serums. Our facility is equiped with capability to fill and pack liquid syrups(plastic and aluminium caps), jars and pouches with ability to produce 30,000 bottles per shift

  • Capsule Manufacturing and Packing

    We also bring the expertise and equipment to meet your capsule manufacturing needs which include both solid and liquid filling. Packaging options include blister packing and with the ability to produce 3 lakh capsules per shift

  • Small Businesses Friendly

    Ability to manufacture small batches for small businesses.

  • GMP Certified

    Venkat Pharma is duly GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) with 28000 sq.ft of manufacturing space.

  • End to End Contract Manufacturing

    Services include R&D, Formulation and product development, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing to supply chain.

  • Wide Range Of Packaging Services

    Packaging services provided include Inline Bottle Filling (Glass& Plastic),Tube Filling (Metal &Plastic) , Pouch/Sachet/Packet Filling and Capsule Filling

  • Ointments and creams

    100 kgs

  • Liquids and Syrups

    400 Liters

  • Capsules

    200 kgs