An Integrated Solutions Approach : Ayurvedic & Nutraceutical contract manufacturing and research services

Established in 2001, Venkat Pharma is a leading Ayurvedic& Nutraceutical contract manufacturing and research services company providing end to end solutions from R&D, Formulation and product development, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing to supply chain.

Our facility is nestled in the foothills of Ramanagara in the outskirts of Bangalore, Karnataka offering 2 acres of land with 25000 sq ft of manufacturing space which is GMP certified and is built to World Health Organization standards.

Project Management

Depending on the scope and need, we have the expertise to manage as much of the project as you require – all the way from product idea generation right through to formulation, analytical testing,registration, manufacturing and delivery.

Every customer is appointed a single point of contact within VENKAT PHARMA who is responsible for all aspects of the project. This provides a clear means of communication and streamlines the process for maximum transparency and efficiency

Research and Development

Our drug development and production processes are fully integrated, which means efficient product development, from the first laboratory formulation through to full-scale production.

VENKAT PHARMA specializes in research and formulation development of various types of liquids, creams ,gels, suspensions and capsules in pharmaceutical and consumer care markets with over 40+ products in our own and private label portfolio.

Sourcing and Manufacturing

To ensure a seamless supply, we have built a robust network of specialized providers and work with them in long-term partnership. Hence, our customers benefit from a stable and reliable supply chain.

We manufacture according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for Ayurvedic products

Packing and Labelling

Packaging services provided include Inline Bottle Filling (Glass& Plastic),Tube Filling (Metal &Plastic) , Pouch/Sachet/Packet Filling and Capsule Filling

Quality Control and Assurance

We work according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for medicinal products, On behalf of our pharmaceutical customers, we can prepare annual product quality reviews (PQRs), which are required by the regulatory authorities and customers. Ongoing process verification (OPV) spans the complete lifecycle of a product and we use the approach to continuously evaluate critical process parameters (CPPs) and critical quality attributes (CQAs). 

Our quality control approach encompasses every stage of the manufacturing process, from inspection of incoming materials and in-process control samples, through to product release and ongoing stability testing of finished products

Equipment and Facilities

Manufacturing Equipment

Ointment/Cream manufacturing - capacity :
500 kgs , Anchor Stirrer, wax phase vessel, water phase vessel with built in

Liquid Manufacturing – 3000Litres – Jacketed tank, 2000 Litres with
Stirrer, 300 Litres
Syrup tank

Capsule Manufacturing – Double cone blender – Capacity – 600 kg

Demineralized water system : Storage capacity of 20000 Litres

Ventilation System: AHU system with 0.3 HEPA filters

Packing and Labelling Equipment

Semi Liquid/ointment Filling and Packing – Includes Automatic and Semi Automatic lami / Plastic tube filling, sealing, coding and trimming machine, Semi automatic twin head Aluminum  tube filling machine with the ability to produce 30,000 tubes per shift and multiple services such as shrink wrapping, box wrapping ,carton coding etc

Liquid Filling and Packing - Includes Semi Automatic twin head Liquid filling machine, Labelling machines and Aluminum cap sealing with ability to produce 30,000 bottles per shift

Capsules Filling and Packing - Semi automatic rotatory filling, Blister Packing with ability to produce 3,00,000 capsules per shift